2012 China travel water up to 10 billion yuan light gradually become a trend

October 29 electric travel boom once again prove that: by heavy and light is the trend. The lighter, the more able to serve the product from excessive, involved in more producers and consumers, and finally have the opportunity to become a portal and platform.

is different from the lively but burn video, electricity providers, group purchase or mobile Internet, page game is money. In 2012 the Chinese page swim is 10 billion. Just disclosed that the first half of 4399 revenue of nearly 500 million profit margin of 20%. 360 income from 1/3 page travel through transport. Low profile Forgame, although it is a strange name is the page tour leader, its research and development of the game market accounted for 1/4 of water.

2004 shanda. Opened the rapid growth of China’s online games for ten years, becoming the prelude to China’s largest source of revenue. 8 years later, the game industry until the second wave. Page tour with the traditional online games in the form of products, marketing, industry patterns are different. Shanda and NetEase are not on the page tour.

The concept of

online games can include all the games that can be played on the Internet, which need to be redefined and differentiated. The client game, is a large Game RPG based such as "legend"; page game, playing directly on the web page of the game, such as 4399 and 7K7K stuff; social games, especially in social network games such as stealing food; mobile phone games, such as "fish" Master.

client game can be called heavy game. The latter three can be called light game.

on Forgame as an example to answer two questions: first, how can the light game with the client game has a different pattern. Second, whether light game companies have a chance to make the leading platform to avoid the end of the tour of the sad Tencent rely on community user stickiness to eat half of the country and the old company to achieve sustained success.

may thus be able to see which other areas will also be dominated by "light" forces.


Everyone can

media blog has been born for more than and 10 years, only to emerge is the micro-blog four years ago to the vast majority of people become the real media. Blog is just a function, micro-blog achievements as a platform. Because the blog is too heavy and micro-blog light enough. Heavy is a threshold, the ordinary users in the door.

with Forgame founder and CEO Wang Dongfeng tea. He concluded that heavy and light is the trend of the Internet industry. The game is no exception.

client games like blogs. Page games like micro-blog. End of the tour need to download the package installation, need to configure the hardware, you need to learn to get started, you need to sit in front of the computer a few hours a day. These heavy elements limit the player to within one hundred million. The page tour omitted these things, just point to open a page at any time to play, ten minutes off the assembly line. This makes the page tour players have exceeded 300 million.


is more advantageous, why does the light game not


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