Tmall visualization to renew the appraisal standards ready to do business together


] August 4th news billion state power network, billion state power network that yesterday, Tmall officially launched the "renew data Kanban" by the seller, understand the Tmall 2016 annual target Kanban renewal assessment criteria, and view the current store sales, DSR score, and between its store performance and assessment standards gap.

Tmall 2016 annual business renewal assessment time node is 2015 7, 8, 9 and three months, will start after renewal of qualification examination.

Tmall 2016 annual renewal Kanban

billion state power network to understand, as shown above, the seller can enter the Tmall business center "Tmall business name card" module view to renew the Kanban, check their shops in the average DSR, the amount of data is accumulated turnover of shops in the standard, and details page by curve to understand their store performance and assessment standards for the gap between the besto.

for businesses need to meet the following three conditions: 1) 7, 8, September cumulative sales outlets to meet the various categories of assessment criteria; 2) 7, 8, September (DSR) to meet the various shop rating category assessment criteria; 3) in accordance with the "Tmall 2016 annual renewal business qualification standards list" (published in October is expected in 2015) standard. The store will also need to ensure that no fewer than 2 brands meet the requirements of the authorized link series.

)According to

billion state power network to understand, in the assessment standard, Tmall will "sales" is defined as the agreement within the period of validity of all business transaction status is "transaction" and pointed out that the total amount of orders, shipping and trading rights, due to failure of the amount of customer service and other reasons do not contain the amount of. For cross category operating businesses, Tmall has taken "Plateau", according to the assessment of the largest category of sales relative to the standard.

second in the condition of 7, 8, September stores score (DSR) "refers to the last 180 days" to describe dynamic score line, service attitude, logistics service "three items of data, such as the" days of less than 4.5 of the total sum of days less than 30 days "in the assessment period dynamic score is less than 4.5 the less than or equal to 30 days.

note, clothing, online games and QQ class will be based on the difference between store types and business goods have different standards, such as the clothing category between winter category and non winter businesses, and online games category QQ class will distinguish between store types and assessment; health care products and medicine category, large pharmacy stores business do not participate in the examination.

is expected in October this year, Tmall announced the "Tmall 2016 annual renewal business qualification standards list", and renew the entrance open.



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