Several effective methods of website promotion

believe that you know, a website live with his absolute flow are closely related, no traffic, the site will lose its value of existence, a successful website, in addition to the content of the site itself, the structure, the very important point, to look at the way to popularize the webmaster, simple to say, how to do the promotion, a good product, with a do not know promotion salesman, it is difficult to find the meaning of his existence; on the contrary, a common product, if there is a gold sales, the sales of the product on the product just absolutely just, as a webmaster you find your promotion methods of the site? Read this article, combined with the actual, believe that the following will be rewarding for you, and the author will talk about the site operation of the road, more popular, is also the site of the Survival:

first of all, we must make good use of the network, this is not the same as sales, the resources around you reflect the value of your development;

combined with the content of your website and will face in the crowd, friends, friends, who had classified effectively, which may be with you about the contents, and then use the FAB rule, the right to guide them to browse your website, your website, of course, first of all, your station is not empty general, there must be a selling point, after they have been attracting interest, at least not hate, to a future like that, if so, chess breeze suggest you may have to modify your website theme and content, pay attention to increase the attractiveness of we must find ways to attract repeat customers, it can continue to add new blood in the retention of the original flow;

here, many owners should have room for improvement, often make a stand, but it is easy to ignore what is the value of this station? Owners are constantly bother to think about how to flow, but you might also think about their own website, whether there is enough

selling point!

secondly, the use of a variety of chat tools, do a good job of promotion, to the site to do a full range of marketing;

with the status of electronic commerce in the hearts of the people, now people familiar with this way, slowly, slowly, for e-commerce is no longer strange, even there are people into this industry, therefore, the hidden unlimited business opportunities, especially in the chat tool for the development of population growing in twenty-first Century, following the talk about all kinds of promotion methods, we must pay attention to the use of


1, QQ, MSN, good use of Taobao Wangwang like chat tool;

usually can see their friends, have no what can they do to the publicity, and then continue to add QQ friends, plus group, to meet more people; but it must be that Oh, you send the message, the content must have level, I see a lot of bubbles in the group, the content of hair advertising that is very strong, such as weight loss, "XXX reduction products…" Back with a link to the site, not


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