Honey Amoy site is dead No money to dry the sea Amoy soil is not the lack of capital

news that the sea Amoy site was acquired by the acquisition of Jingdong. Previously, honey Amoy WeChat public number, micro-blog official in January this year to stop updating, office rent in advance, more people big layoffs, not only was the acquisition of resignation tide so simple, but should be closed down"……


with the 2014 dividend policy, the rise of the sea Amoy website daily, with the Internet giant incoming, Tmall international, Jingdong global purchase and Suning’s overseas purchase, plus the purchase of Koala sea NetEase, and related industries, SF sea Amoy cup sea shopping and so on, the sea Amoy cross-border electricity supplier in the busy and in the small sea Amoy website the day did not imagine so.

honey Amoy, founded in 2013, has been A, B round of financing in 2014, since then it has spread C round of financing news, but ultimately no progress.

cross-border electricity supplier tax law will be out of the face of cross-border electricity supplier costs greatly improve the situation, which also means that some of the lack of capital to support the sea Amoy website will also be faced with the crisis of being eliminated.

early cross-border electricity supplier, with many commercial sites, enclosure, financing, barbaric growth.


of honey Amoy, often accompanied by a variety of "large", in order to improve sales, advertising, frequent brush ongoing sale…… Also spawned a high sales of honey amoy.

said, every big promotion, honey Amoy will put advertising, not only do the data show that the honey Amoy client activated nearly 1 million users, the cumulative sent parcel is nearly 200 thousand months, the transaction volume is exceeded ten million yuan, honey Amoy took a lot of money on the electricity supplier barbaric birth the road to promote the stockpile, holiday, honey Amoy Xie Wenbin CEO is no mercy.

unfortunately, money was watered soil before rain fell, dried up.

honey Amoy face is not only has a strong capital Internet giant competition, and cycle inventory pressure, promote the saved, when a capital began to burn money shortage, not cultivated the user user retention, repeat purchase and profits of goods have been flawed honey amoy.

does not have a strong supply chain, to retain the characteristics of the user’s services, honey Amoy electricity supplier is doomed to have a tragic ending.

future sea Amoy story and how to write


from all business survival rules, the sea Amoy website in addition to follow the rules of cross-border electricity supplier industry, various tax and direct mail guarantee, and the harmonic in the supply chain, the cross-border electricity supplier on the advantages of the fittest way, really need to lay the capital or not, but to ensure the survival of a complete set of cross-border electricity industry operation mode.


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