Twitter history of the highest forwarding rate from the camera a carefully planned accident marketin

tiger sniffing note: in this year’s Oscar awards ceremony, the famous host with a photo of the Samsung flagship GALAXY Note3 shot and uploaded to the Twitter to get more than 300 times the crazy forward, hit a record high since the history of twitter, twitter had to temporarily shut down. Although Samsung denied that this is a carefully planned marketing case, but the situation may not be so simple – this is the fifth consecutive year, Samsung has become a sponsor of Oscar. From 2009 to 2013, Samsung’s total sponsorship fee reached $24 million.

at the end of the Oscar awards ceremony, Samsung has become the biggest winner – all of which stems from the show host at the Oscar awards in a self timer on the. This collection of Alan Laurence, Jennifer · Angelina · Julie, Brad, Peter · Meryl · Streep, Julia · Roberts pictures from a large number of popular Hollywood superstar, released soon became the first moment, rumors of Twitter image. When the deadline this post has been forwarded 3 million 100 thousand times, as in Twitter Global Forwarding post the most, and the number is still rising.

Alan’s self timer, in the end is an accident, or a carefully planned marketing, we believe that this is not the first time to see Samsung’s implantable marketing. In the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony, in his performance also has a self shot, and this is the Samsung brand mobile phone self timer. In view of this, the Samsung mobile phone has been well versed in implanted marketing way, very naturally will be placed into the "course of events" in.

this time you can not help but ask, you say that people are marketing, what evidence do you have?. This photo, regardless of lighting, action, feel very natural, there is no trace of advertising. But recently, a report from the "dark horse brother" that the net wealth Chinese, this one looks up from the camera is actually a American Broadcasting Company, Twitter and Samsung marketing show unexpected products, in line with the Korean mobile phone maker Samsung smart (Samsung), the social media giant Twitter, temporarily has 43 million users worldwide the American television network operators American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and the common interests of high-value, not easily appear on television on the line of Hollywood star.

has revealed that Samsung with Twitter, ABC in the Oscar awards broadcast live following advertising transactions:

"The Wall Street journal"

(Wall Street Journal) said that Samsung to American Broadcasting Company paid about $18 million to buy 5 minutes of prime time advertising, Samsung also allowed placement in live activities, but the specific costs unknown. Is this the ad for this self timer?


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