Zhang Yong detailed Ali this year across the two milepost announce the new fiscal year strategic obj

Sina Technology News May 6th afternoon news, yesterday evening, Ali released 2016 fiscal year fourth quarter earnings, revenue of $24 billion 184 million, turnover of $742 billion, exceeding Wall Street analysts expected. In the analyst meeting, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong published opening speech, a detailed interpretation of the various driving factors behind the strong earnings Ali, reviews the development of the past year and two milepost, clinch a deal namely breaking 3 trillion, income broken billion.


Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

at the same time, Zhang Yong first outlined a strategic goal for the new fiscal year and Ali Ali path will continue to consolidate and develop the core retail business sector, the formation of large data driven marketing platform, and continue to invest heavily in new business.

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I am very pleased to report to you that Alibaba group has a strong performance for the 2016 fiscal year ending. Our three strategies: globalization, rural strategy and big data cloud computing have been effectively implemented. At the same time in the past fiscal year, we crossed the two milestones.

first, our annual retail turnover exceeded 3 trillion yuan mark, becoming the world’s largest retail companies. Second, our annual income exceeded 100 billion yuan. Ali continued strong business is fully reflected in the continuous rise of active buyers in the year, has reached 423 million people. In the past quarter, Ali group’s total revenue growth is the highest in the past 4 quarters, China’s retail platform revenue growth is the highest in the past 6 quarters.

The strategic goal of

Alibaba in 2020 to achieve $1 trillion turnover, 2 billion service consumers, we are the goal of steady progress. Today, we are laying a solid foundation for the changes in the business of electricity providers, and invest in cloud computing, media and digital entertainment platforms such as the rise of business, in order to achieve our grand vision.

in the past year, the retail business sector has completed a successful and remarkable transformation: moving from PC to. Remember when the group listed, the turnover of the total turnover of less than 40% of the total turnover, only mobile monthly active users of 188 million. Today, 73% of turnover from mobile, monthly active users exceeded 410 million.

mobile phones and other mobile devices occupy a unique position in the daily lives of consumers, fully tap this point, we completely redefine the user experience and services in the mobile terminal. Today, a powerful driving force for large data and user interaction, our businesses and consumers to be able to seamlessly in a multi screen presentation, community-based business platform activities.

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