Group purchase website to enter the clearance time the survival rate of less than 40%

after a round of shuffling, the total number of Chinese buy site has returned to the scale of early 2011. According to the group purchase navigation site 800 statistics, as of the end of May, the domestic group purchase website is active for a total of 2996, compared with April once again reduced 56. According to a sample survey shows that buy site survival rate of less than 40%.

in the total number of sites continued to shrink at the same time, in May the group purchase industry overall trading volume is still strong performance, up to 1 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 4.7% in April. Analysis of industry experts, the overall size of the industry has a large group purchase group purchase website control field, with 2000 local small and medium-sized group purchase site failures, the integration of group purchase industry has entered the clearance time "". It is worth noting that, in order to improve the website group purchase gross margin for a difficult transition, catering, leisure and entertainment category recently quietly rising signs that the group purchase from ultra low cost attract mode has gradually evolved into a discount pattern more normalization.

group 800 in May for the purchase of 780 independent domain name website launched two rounds of sampling survey. The first round of the survey showed that only 339 sites in active state, the survival rate was 43.5%. 14 days after the start of the second round of investigation shows that the above group buying site, only the site is in the normal operation of the state of, accounting for 77.3%, down the survival rate of less than 40% statistics.

in addition, the group also gradually spread from key cities to the two or three tier cities, tens of millions and millions of cities while reducing the number. According to statistics, in May the turnover of more than 10 million yuan to buy the city has more than 33, compared with the previous month to reduce the number of turnover of more than $1 million to buy the city of 114, compared with last month to reduce the number of 4. Turnover of the top 40 cities accounted for a decline in the proportion of the share, turnover accounted for by the previous month’s decline of 68% to $73%, sales accounted for from last month’s decline of 55% to $60%.

group of 800 co-founder Hu Chen believes that the "group purchase this game will have small and medium-sized websites out of the main stadium, seen from the total sampling statistics and group purchase website survival rate, group purchase industry competition has entered the second round knockout stage. Not only that, the top ten of the national web site is not good, the industry’s overall gross margin has not been delayed."



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