Fujian rebate network crash Top scam involving 23 provinces and run away

May 31st, Fuzhou West Lake on the edge of the North Building Zhongfu West Lake garden six layer is a mess, place the whole floor office only a few huge cubicle, including all items of ceiling type air conditioning, have been looted, about 300 square meters of the site can be seen everywhere in the broken ceiling and trash, even the chairman the office of the glass door was smashed.

"28 days late, the mob looting incident here, take indoor items is 100 mall members, the angry crowd also smashed a decoration." West Lake Zhongfu garden security told reporters.

here is the dream of many members of the previous hundred percent of the fortune mall headquarters. The reporter saw, 100 percent of victims notice pasted on the door of the member screamed: each hundred members and each victim please go to the Fuzhou Economic Investigation Brigade, to discuss the funeral.

100 mall claiming about 200000 members, involving 23 provinces and cities." A member surnamed Chen told reporters, "what is the cause that 100 mall boss Yao Jianqing and executives have escaped about 1000000000 Yuan run away."

May 31st evening, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou police, Yao Jianqing has been Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment five brigade from the field was arrested on the same day, allegedly on charges of illegal deposits from the public in a short period of time, the police have registered the amount cheated tens of millions of yuan.

for the case involving the number and amount, still have the legend. Since May 29th since the filing, the informant in a continuous line, is still not specific statistical amount involved and the number of victims.

May 28th night in Fuzhou looting, has spread rapidly in Wuyishan city.

run on

Bank of Wuyishan

from Fuzhou hundred percent rebate mall crashes, but soon at 356 km from the city of Wuyishan waves.

"on the night of May 30th, there are rumors that the relevant state departments to rectify the rebate network, may freeze the personal bank account." Many Wuyishan residents told reporters that "so people have flocked to the bank teller, teller 31 people formed the climax, China Construction Bank, agricultural bank, ICBC city even Wuyi University backdoor ATMs are overcrowded."

Wuyishan citizen Ms. Ma told reporters, the evening of May 31st, downstairs is loudly call queuing to get the money on the streets rumbling noise, motorcycle stop, "Wuyishan people crazy." She said that her husband is a hundred percent rebate mall member.

"rebate network the country’s most active region is Wuyishan." A local person said, every day he can listen to friends and colleagues about the rebate network, also many people earn money to buy a car. From March to April this year, money rebate network to most people, to buy tens of thousands of people, even hundreds of thousands of millions to buy."

a number of local people said, 100% return >


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