Sources said Xinhua CCTV network and other 10 news network will be listed on the A shares

            Xinhua, Dongfang and other 10 mainland Chinese News website will be selected as the first batch of listed objects landing A shares of  . There is news that this year, at least 1-2 can successfully listed".

Chinese mainland media 8 quoted insider news reports, the 10 news websites are,,,, eastday, Enorth, Dazhong, Zhejiang, and Sichuan Huasheng online online online.

"the Central Propaganda Department and the Commission is actively promoting this, ensure that this year at least 1-2 to market successfully." Voices Online relevant responsible person said, at present, there have been several central site restructuring plan has been approved, then the voices online has submitted a plan, is awaiting approval.

Galaxy Securities media industry analyst Xu Yaowen said that the East has completed the shareholding system reform, the positive impact of this policy, may become the first domestic news website".

"Shanghai Securities News" reported that, according to insiders, the current China news website management system mainly has three kinds: one is completely dependent on the parent media, the main source of funds from the central and local governments as well as the base media funding, the site itself does not own the right to operate; the two is independent of the company the operating system, such as, London; three is "institution, enterprise management" system, which is the current most news website system type.

analysts pointed out that the site and other emerging media will be one of the breakthrough point in the development of cultural industries. The spread of new media will gradually strengthen the power of its development imperative.

statistics show that in 2008 compared with 2009, the national news publishing industry about 20% of total output value growth, book sales growth of about 20%, while the new media publishing growth is as high as 42%, digital publishing total output value reached 75 billion yuan.


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