nventory in the first half of the O2O Market the giants after the entrance of the industry turmoil

Abstract: with the combination of BAT and capital matchmaking giant admission of a born HENGQIANG giant, a myriad of small companies falling in O2O’s history left a tragic one.


O2O is undoubtedly the biggest hot Internet market in the first half of this year, throughout the development of the market, it is a grand picture of ups and downs and thrilling. O2O fever swept, as if suddenly spring night, but one thousand million "flowers? With the combination of BAT and capital matchmaking giant admission of a born HENGQIANG giant, one of numerous companies falling in O2O development history a tragic one. Let us take a look at some of the things in the first half of the O2O rivers and lakes, downtown take static, seriously reflect on the loss and loss of business is undoubtedly an important asset.

tigers down the mountain: a comprehensive attack, Baidu strong integration of resources to build the O2O Empire

: shock coefficient assumes


recently, Baidu chairman Robin Li released rhetoric, in the next 3 years will invest 20 billion yuan to build a Baidu Nuomi O2O life service platform, which is shocked the industry (see "Robin Li titanium media reports pride said in three years hit twenty billion to rice"). After Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice in internal integration has been associated with overweight, Baidu maps, mobile search and other resources with glutinous rice, is now more strategic layout will be fully integrated into the Baidu Nuomi Baidu connect people and services in. Baidu Nuomi recently launched the "member +" strategy by constructing business platform and users of the ecological system, and revealed for leading in the determination of the O2O of service life.

in the hot field of travel, Baidu Uber investment through strong intervention, in May of this year, Uber provides support for the open car function updated version of Baidu maps, means that the marriage of the largest number of users of Baidu maps and instant global car software called the originator of the powerful. Subsequently, Baidu wallet has access to the Uber, which Baidu will integrate their resources and Uber docking, which occupies an important seat in the field of travel. Not only that, Baidu also cut into segments of 51 investment vehicles, cars and vehicles every day, through the Baidu map to achieve direct call.

in the same frequency takeaway, Baidu also from Baidu map, stride forward singing militant songs, Baidu takeaway, mobile phone Baidu direct number, Baidu almost all the applications will provide entrance delivery service. Take away as the user’s rigid demand, lower customer price also makes its threshold is relatively low, you can attract users to experience again and again, thus forming an entrance dependence, for the user’s access is very important.

in addition, recently, Baidu invested 200 million yuan stake in stellar cinema city, Baidu maps, Baidu mobile online payment, all the chips and other Baidu products will be seamless and stellar studios. "


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