Taobao mall changed its name to Tmall to buy domain name


Taobao mall changed the name of the ad

              Sina Francisco January 11th morning news, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) held a strategic conference in Beijing today, announced the replacement of Chinese brand "Taobao" Tmall mall "". At the same time, the domain name information query shows that Taobao has purchased

Taobao mall

President Zhang Yong said, was not prompted by a sudden impulse to change the name, and thought for a long time. He said the first saw this name also feel strange, but cried and cried on the familiar, "Tmall" is a homonym of Tmall.

Sina Technology

query domain information shows that it has acquired Larry domain, but the site is temporarily unavailable, the industry speculation likely to the domain name and at the same time and in the future.

According to Alibaba (micro-blog

) group vice president Wang Shuai said that this change Chinese name initiatives originally planned held in March 31st this year, but because Ali executives are more impatient, so announced two months ahead of schedule. He also stressed that renaming is an important strategic decision

Zhang Yong talked about the original intention of the name changed, said Taobao mall today, the need to give consumers a more clear positioning and clear title, so it launched the brand. He also said that although the replacement of Chinese identity, but the purpose and objectives of the development of Tmall will not change.

According to Zhang Yong

, Tmall in the 2011 Book turnover is 100 billion yuan, but it is far more than this number, although he did not disclose the final transaction amount, but said the transaction size is 3.5 times in 2010, independent access to users more than 10 million people. (Cui Xi)

              Zhang Yong talk about Taobao mall renamed Tmall: definitely not to Taobao

Taobao mall announced renamed Tmall or will enable

              Ali group CMO Wang Shuai: with the image of the cat to thank Ma


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