Everyone courier company has not been fully stopped, said it would push a new version of a more secu


last week, the Hubei Provincial Postal Administration and the Luoyang postal administration were halted everyone express business activities. Everyone express, said yesterday that Hubei and Luoyang, is a local company to join the problem, the relevant regulatory authorities did not completely prohibit everyone express.

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advocate free delivery person according to their itinerary, with the express way incidentally, the city is currently served only support specific to Beijing shipment 15 yuan. The price is more expensive than ordinary express, but its commitment to service within 4 hours.

Hubei, Luoyang halted

"everyone express" is the Sichuan Express Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a courier information service platform. On this platform, users registered after the completion of the audit can become a free courier who can grab pieces and drop delivery, this when everyone can express approach also can not be estimated because of the security risks caused by the industry questioned.

last week, the Hubei Provincial Postal Administration and the Luoyang postal administration were halted everyone express". Huang Hangquan, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Postal Administration market supervision department, said the postal law expressly provides that the courier business must obtain a business license. Everyone express in Wuhan no business license, free courier does not have any qualifications, obviously does not comply with the relevant provisions. Luoyang postal administration also said that everyone express Luoyang regional management company in the case of the courier business license without obtaining illegal business courier business, so it issued a rectification notice.

will push more secure version of

yesterday, everyone responded that the courier, Hubei and Luoyang, the halt is because the local join the company out of the question, the closure of the rectification, regulators did not completely prohibit everyone express. The official stressed that everyone courier is a city life crowdsourcing platform, hoping to help each other between the city. New things inevitably there will be some problems, everyone is also actively express courier and postal services across the country to communicate, then everyone will launch a new version of the new security features more attention.

Beijing postal authority also said that the postal service has been aware of this new model is currently being observed. State Post Bureau official said: everyone express is a new model, after all, is also the first place to clear the situation, the local bureau will report to the National Bureau of materials, and then come up with a unified solution."


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