N die net Campbell, science news network run away about P2P net loan platform



networks Campbell, science news network run away, and let P2P industry managed to calm for a period of time once again become the focus of public attention, a pat on the loan CEO Zhang Jun even called P2P company in the future 95% will die.

as everyone knows, in the Internet community, the winner takes all, survive, often only able to live a good leading industry, the current net loan industry is so dispersed, re integration is the only way which must be passed, even if the entrepreneur does not have a "take a vote to leave the idea, there may be days after sadly end.

P2P then there will be many kinds of death? For P2P entrepreneurs who may know, might die, in order to avoid stepping on landmines in the days after the operation, sometimes underdog might win.

1, regulatory sudden death

China financial executives have pointed out four red P2P on several occasions, is no guarantees, no self financing, not to engage in capital pool, not illegal fund-raising, to finance road network founder & CEO; Zhou Han believes that the front three, P2P platform technology and operations from above are not difficult to do, "illegal fund-raising" is a "pocket crime", although the standard personal absorption of more than 30 people more than 200 thousand yuan, 1 million yuan, 1 million 500 thousand units to absorb the elements but still make people impossible to guard against: "(a) without the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities shall approve or borrowed in the form of legitimate business absorption capital; (two) is through the media, presentations, flyers, mobile phone text messages and other means of publicity to the community; (three), committed within a certain period of monetary, physical, and other ways of equity or debt service payments in return; (four) To the public, that is, the community is not a specific object to absorb funds, P2P who want to gun is difficult.

remember last year there is a small game "100 stupid death", game player can try wonderful way to game the small green monsters to kill. In real life, if P2P continues to appear an evil member of the herd resulting in a greater impact, the group events, this "pocket" as long as a tightening of the crime of illegal fund-raising, regardless of whether the integrity of management, will be in the bag.

Zhou Han pointed out, if not the mighty storm motion type regulation, but the introduction of a variety of regulatory rules, the number of registered capital, risk allowance and deposit rate, personnel structure, operation and management made more explicit requirements, a small platform is difficult to continue unexpected — the United States Securities and Exchange Commission a shot, a small platform collapsed, leaving only two Lendingclub and Prosper alone, and even Zopa because of legal costs are too high and give up the American market.

2, the cost of exhausted


is known as Internet banking, but China’s P2P is generally very heavy line of troops. On the one hand, in order to attract investors, the need for a branch of the financial team, on the other hand is to find a loan >


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