The 2010 Shanghai Summit Netrepreneur detachment of Women Entrepreneurs Forum

            Admin5 station network December 18th news   "the three anniversary of the network capacity of the world" 2010 Shanghai summit and the Shanghai Network Alliance Annual Meeting held in Shanghai Putuo District library today, the conference hosted by Shanghai network alliance, 1000 network operators from around the country to participate in the meeting. Admin5 webmaster as support media live broadcast of the conference. The conference set up a roundtable discussion of the women’s Entrepreneurship Forum, the following is a roundtable discussion of specific content.


                Moderator: Thank you very much for the total Anting Chen to do a share. Today, the first feeling is that we are the temperature in Shanghai is a little cold, then thank you for your busy schedule to join us today to a Shanghai network alliance, including the three anniversary celebration, thank you

, thank you!

our next forum is about women. I would like to look at the first, the number of women on the scene, is a woman, please give me a hand,


wow, quite a few, a sea.

and then feel that she is a woman to start the business of beauty


also has, 1, 2, 3, 4.

well, thank the Organizing Committee then gave me the task today, let me take this female a detachment of women network innovation forum.

I feel, I think this is a non mainstream forum. Why? Because in Chinese traditional thinking inside, including a history teaches us inside, or in a socialist women vulnerable groups. Including some of the stories from the ancient people, some of the stories, including some, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and Zhu Yingtai also read. Including Mulan, including Mu Guiying.

up to now, the rise of women’s groups, but also can hold up half the sky. Including today, such as to introduce the five guests is also the leader of women entrepreneurs. We women in the community, in the national economy, play an increasingly important role. So today we, you in any forum, you may participate in many network operators around the country forum or business forum, can not see such a distinctive, almost all women, uniform guests, and we share this sentiment in a venture heart road. This is to say that we Shanghai network alliance gift to you, also hope everybody can support, hope that we can love.

now please take a few of our forum heavyweight guests.

they are:

Wang Yufeng, deputy general manager of




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