CNTV.COM domain name holder fried domain name is purely personal hobby

May 6th news, CCTV 5, said the Chinese network television will merge with CCTV network operations, the news once again caused the industry’s concern about the relevant international domain name Coincidentally, the day before, ylmf founder Lai Linfeng ( by Tencent micro-blog revealed that it had acquired the domain, the’s web site to ylmf.

Chinese national network TV station deputy general manager Xia Xiaohui attended the third session of the 2010 revealed in the Yangtze River Delta economic development of the Internet forum, ( and Chinese network television ( will be officially merged in May 30th, when the two domain name pointing to the Chinese network television (

May 4th, Lai Lin Feng through Tencent micro-blog announced that he had passed the "China domain name investors purchased from abroad international top-level domain.

it is understood that was a has 10 years of experience in investment domain Latvia holds, in the CCTV network television ( after exposure, the people of Latvia received more than 10 domain investor inquiry, the price was pushed up to $200 thousand, but then no news, until the Lai Linfeng will be officially the domain name the privatization.

Lai Linfeng did not disclose the purchase price and future use of However, there are users who suggested that he transferred the domain name to the Chinese network television, but so far has not yet been informed of the Chinese network television staff contact with Lai Linfeng.

industry rumors Lai Lin Feng sitting on thousands of domain names, four bit digital domain accounted for more than half the trading price on million units. In addition, Lai Lin Feng also hoarding rare lots of personal domain name, such as,,, etc.. Such a large-scale "Tun m", obviously far beyond the wind its network project demand, the industry speculation ylmf may put the domain name investment as a long-term business to do a few weeks ago, the company responsible for selling in the name China, seems to confirm this statement.

in this regard, Lai Lin Feng said, the domain name investment is a personal interest, does not belong to the company to operate the project, this year will focus on the development of wind on the 915 mobile phone network.

according to him, the 915 mobile phone network is expected on the line in the middle of this month, is a collection of information, Amoy number, mall in one of the "content + commodity" B2C e-commerce website, to provide network information and business services for all domestic mobile phone users.

he said, "for example, through our online Amoy number system, the user >


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