COFCO COFCO production team push SNS online games like Farmville

every one in the office has 3 square meters of the compartment commuters may soon receive an e-mail, invite you to join the network game "food production team" rice, grapes, but different with "happy net" is the leader of this game is the local grain and oil enterprises COFCO. Group.

"food production team" is the first network of interactive games COFCO original development, on-line in January of this year, many places are similar to the popular domestic "happy net" farming game, game player can choose any crop of rice, corn, grapes, wheat, cocoa from seed cultivation began, after planting, storage and transportation etc. the final link, produce the end products of rice, corn oil; in addition to their playing game player, can invite friends and colleagues to participate in, the more people be able to complete all aspects of the game and to accept the invitation, prize is more thick, COFCO group claimed for millions of dollars in prizes, mainly COFCO Grain and oil products.

for the Internet, COFCO has been fond of". The process gradually became popular in "happy net", COFCO’s juice brand "LOHAS" into the "happy net" farming game, rapidly rising popularity. Game player not only stay in the virtual game, through a random lottery system, game player can be real "LOHAS" juice through the distribution system under the line to his friends, and the big business in Beijing, "LOHAS" product exhibition and online vicenza.

in September this year, in the "happy net" besides, COFCO online shopping platform "I buy network" will be officially launched, owned by more than 1000 kinds of leisure food, grain and oil products to about 10% lower than market price in online sales, hoping to seize the life of high pressure, fast pace of life, less free time the city workers, become COFCO in the super addition of new sales channels.

, chairman of COFCO Changning Gao Ning network hopes to network platform to achieve in the future income can be greater than the entity of cofco. For the new line of "food production team" network game, COFCO said, will be the main grain and oil products into the game’s, each product will grow from the initial field to the factory processing, storage, transport, and ultimately to table a complete industrial chain process into one, want to pass the food the concept of brand and product information in entertaining ways.


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