From ten years of development of smart phones, look at the evolution of the future pattern

2001, Ericsson launched the world’s first SymbianOS smartphone –R380sc, followed by NOKIA, Motorola has also launched its first smart phone. By 2004, RIM introduced the BlackBerry 6210, known as the first smartphone more like a mobile phone. Then in 2006, NOKIA launched N73, ushered in the peak of the SymbianS60 era, but this time the smartphone is still not popular. Until 2007, Apple launched the first generation of iPhone, smart phones began to really go to the market.

, that is to say, the intelligent mobile phone development so far, has been more than ten years. In this ten years, intelligent mobile phone market pattern and its future will amidst the winds of change, and how the evolution? Is the so-called Kam ancient art, predict the future, we must first understand the past and predict the future development trend of intelligent mobile phone.

intelligent mobile phone development early: Apple has swept the world, China cool union pattern of an initial

in the early days of the development of smart phones, apple with a single iPhone phone detonated the entire global smartphone development. Especially when the fourth generation mobile phone to the apple iPhone4 and iPhone 4S, iPhone mobile phone is more popular around the world, many users even maishen just to buy a iPhone mobile phone. And in the promotion of Apple’s smart phones, smart phone manufacturers around the world have begun to follow suit.

so, Samsung rose to catch up, became the only high-end market with apple rival smartphones. In the domestic market, the domestic mobile phone also began to rise, and the formation of apple, Samsung four pattern: ZTE and HUAWEI, cool, Lenovo, known as the "China cool alliance".

Smartphone development in the middle: the rise of millet model, domestic mobile phone into the era of low-cost

in the domestic smart phone market, millet as the representative of the rapid rise of low-cost mobile phones, millet with cheap and hunger marketing successfully obtained a large number of user support. With the continuous rise in sales of millet phone was once ranked in the domestic smart phone market sales ranking champion position.

under the impact of millet mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone more and more are beginning to launch low-cost mobile phone, and started a price war with millet, at the same time in this period is the emergence of a large number of low-cost Internet brand mobile phone, such as a hammer, a plus, glory etc..

Smartphone development in the late: millet gradually decline, OPPO, vivo, music, as the rise of ecological phone

in the domestic market, millet phone began to decline, as the music as the representative of the ecological phone began to rise. In the high-end smart phone market, apple, Samsung is also beginning to suffer from the impact of HUAWEI, vivo, oppo and other smart phones.

according to IDC International Data Corporation


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