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is one of the infringing works

spent 8 years, investment of 8 million yuan, Henan electronic audio production "China folk martial arts classic routines" series of CD, but was allowed to spread to a company named "Wu as network website, dig a membership fee can be downloaded from the internet.

Henan electronic audio and video publishing house will be the site of the Shenzhen court, the lawsuit hit two years, but only won 170 thousand yuan reparations.

investment 8 million production of genuine products

has been Wu network halfway plagiarism

the infringement of the "protagonist" "Chinese folk martial arts routines", the use of English and Chinese bilingual subtitles commentary, the main promotion of Chinese martial arts.

according to the Henan electronic audio and video publishing house President Gao Mingxing introduced since the end of 2005, the product has been exported to France, Germany and other more than and 20 countries and regions. Making this CD, they spent 8 years, once invited Shi Deyang, head of the Shaolin Temple monk group of Chen Taijiquan nineteen generation descendant of Chen Zhenglei, the Yongchun Foshan Boxing Federation President Liang Manzhi dozen martial arts masters to participate in the recording. Do more than and 110, the total investment has been seven or eight. On average, $sixty thousand or seventy thousand per cd.

at the same time in the overseas market, the high star said he did not think how, a domestic called Wu Yu network site is infringing their 95 works, and in order to seek high profits. At that time a total of 5 overseas agents to contact them overseas business, if the price of 3~5 euros per dish to count, the loss of at least 15 million euros.

Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court issued a verdict shows: Wu Yu network website membership system, all videos are provided to members. Ordinary members are divided into 10 yuan, 30 yuan, 100 yuan, 365 days, two kinds. September 2007, the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court finds constitute infringement.

adults lawsuit only two years to get a 170 thousand loss

huff, Henan electronic audio will launch "Wu as" Shenzhen biheng science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. sued to Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court, a total of 30 works of infringement prosecution.

September 2007, according to the court the plaintiff and defendant CD-ROM Cost Website tort, the company immediately ordered Shenzhen to stop infringement, remove the infringing works, and each joint compensation for economic loss of 10 thousand yuan (17 Video Works Agency for technical reasons, in addition to 13 court play, press to withdraw the lawsuit).

later, the defendant refused to accept the appeal to the higher people’s Court of Guangdong province in June this year, the court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

Gao Mingxing said in a lawsuit, a dozen years, we frequently between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, only a few million yuan travel expenses. Now > >


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