Xu Shiping then issued an open letter junk news more Tencent evade the crucial point

Phoenix Technology News November 4th

news, this morning, Beijing, President and editor in chief Xu Shiping issued an open letter to Ma Huateng, accusing WeChat monopoly, hurt the news industry, WeChat security team immediately made a reply. This afternoon, Xu Shiping issued an open letter, "said Ma Huateng’s men, through open channels, everywhere in the circulated a statement, evade the crucial point, look the other way.

Xu Shiping pointed out that WeChat’s response to the article for a long time, to attract the attention of the audience to the article, and deliberately mobilize users for official dissatisfaction, intention is very bad. And WeChat said that the article in question, then the Tencent news client and the daily express on the garbage article more, you can also ask the relevant departments to check, check the Tencent themselves.


Ma Huateng’s WeChat

The following is the full text of

(the full text of the official response after the official WeChat)

Dear Mr. Ma Huateng: Hello


I am reluctant to write two open letters.

but your people, through the open channels, are sending out a message everywhere. They want to show that our "news breakfast" (xwzc021) is how the rumor by nature, and always has been so, so, incorrigible, letter seven days are light. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll have to try again to stop our public number.

Open letter to

about the hideous penguin Empire authoritarian, today many people being forwarded. There are good people, do a lot of polls, you are very busy, but you can let go of your hand. It will help your body and mind. Enterprises bigger, high status, and some words are not necessarily heard. From ancient to modern times, too many similar examples. I like the history of the Tencent WeChat also has a public number, called rereading history, the time to look at the proposal. There is no feeling, see your good luck.

thank you very much for your team, in a very short period of time, to write this interesting". I wonder if your team in making the "news" breakfast (xwzc021) decided to Title seven days, or that we can write this complaint in a statement to us, I will be very touched. Touch your excellent user awareness. I also believe that if the WeChat team, to coax cattle "button" rudely when the media and institutions, as well as ordinary users, users can also have such a sense, everyone will appreciate you, thank the Lord the long. However, there is No. This is also the reason why online surveys have so many complaints.

if I’m not mistaken, the Tencent in recent years, encountered many similar events. Have a little understanding, the public are the same. This is the Tencent is cattle, always afraid of people say, do. In a word, I was always right, what do you want me to do?


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