Friends of Space Operations Guide

whether it is micro-blog WeChat or QQ space, we are in the operation of the need to guide our friends. We know, now consumers are lazy, our fans are our customers, why is that? Because our fans came in, our aim is to transform them into to our customers, we finally achieve the purpose of profit.

so what should we do to guide our friends or fans and focus on us?

first: remind

we all have a human nature of the shortcomings, that is not consciously, or in the case of supervision can do better. This may be a more common situation as a student. We in the study period, we every summer and winter vacation, we are playing to the countdown, when possible is that the last ten days of the homework to think, if it is really not finished, so that you copy me copy your.

but some parents will be reminded to do homework every day during the holidays, every day, which is the time required to do the work which is the time to play, this is arranged in more detail. Let us imagine that we do not have time to arrange the time and what is the difference, first of all to ensure the efficiency and quality. If we eat all the food we eat in a week, then you’re either dead or starved to death.

especially in our talk, we can talk about the comment on each do our review, for example, welcome to * * space, I will be in space…… and I QQ… Etc., return the contents of this. And we can use Tencent to do propaganda for us. We sometimes see some people in the space, we will say, because the Tencent recently shielding more powerful, so many friends to visit space, in order to avoid the occurrence of such incidents, so you can add me as a friend, I can understand the dynamic whenever and wherever possible.

second: active

we all know, no activity is not marketing, whether we are doing what we need, so is everyone’s participation, give us some encouragement, so if we do it can well enhance the viscosity of our friends. What we need is to put our viscosity well, let friends really love us, which is the most important to our friends some benefits, that is to do the activities, we can not do some regular activities, once a week or once every ten days, then we do the activity cost not too many pieces of money can guarantee cost each month just more than and 100 dollars can be, so although we are spending some money, but we get more than just our friends, no matter what our previous project we want to profit is very rare, most profitable or are we late so our investment, then we post harvest is very much. >


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