The ten vertical industry website marketing the sacred rules of the religious order (on)

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covers the vertical industry website today, China has more than 30 million, with more users demand by mining, market development, industry website is more and more extensive, its development prospects is not small. In the mobile Internet is hot, a variety of substituted PC side of the sound, the development of vertical industry websites did not decline, but the maturity of the mobile terminal entrance brings more users entrance and marketing channels for vertical industry websites. The next few years, will be the growth period of vertical industry website.

so, how to do a good job in vertical industry marketing site, and now the marketing has become increasingly diversified, is no longer a single promotion. The user experience of the site, the quality of service, adaptation of the mobile terminal site is an important factor in the smooth marketing. Let us count below vertical industry website marketing note ten the sacred rules of the religious order.

a website user experience is very important to understand what the user needs

now search engine for the user experience of the website is more and more strict. Baidu repeatedly open algorithm updates, a clear blow to those users experience bad sites. Even if you SEO do detailed and thoughtful, website basic user experience can not satisfy the users, users visit your site, or see the column setting is not reasonable, serious content relevance, or deception of all kinds of pop ads ads, the end user only when the passer-by, there will not be two times visit the idea. Even if your site or simply by setting all kinds of advertising related content obtain benefits in the short term, if things go on like this is not, the user conversion rate, access depth is more and more low, visitors back less and less, it is difficult to maintain long-term development. Write down the search engine, the final site will not be able to get any new traffic. So, the user experience is very important, in addition to the optimization of the web interface and content, you also need to consider what the user needs, your site is able to meet the needs of users, to bring value to the user.

two, mobile terminal site adaptation is very important to help traffic doubled to enhance

now the role of the mobile terminal has been unable to make people despise. In particular, the vertical industry site, only the mobile site ahead of the development plan, in order to seize more traffic. The fragmentation of user time, smart phones, tablet PCs increased use of time, more users will not sit next to the computer more in-depth access to your site. Concise Guide to the mobile site, will become more and more users new entrance. For example, a local industry website, the early establishment and no search flow too much, they do not have the promotion and SEO capital on the PC side, but great effort in the development of the mobile terminal site, good mobile experience, finally through the mobile terminal to get a lot of traffic. This is one of the most direct example, of course, the mobile terminal site can not replace the PC side, do mobile terminal marketing also to local conditions, taking into account the needs of users and industry characteristics. For example, the 88 tiger fortune network ( of this site


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