Ali mother advertising shop new features and site owners meet

May 7, 2008 afternoon, Ali mother advertising shop new features on the line, while the new advertising details page also debut.

new on-line advertising shop interface style, similar to the Taobao shop, which is in line with Ali’s mother, advertising is the concept of goods. Advertising shop will not only all the sites and their advertising in the form of all the goods displayed, while the store announcement, credit evaluation, links and other functions. The main website Ali mother background management system, click on the shop management, according to the prompts to complete the information shops, you can create your own advertising shop; click "view my store", you can view detailed information such as the main store website; click on the Links in shops, you can add Links prompts to direct.

at the same time the new advertising details page is also displayed in the small and medium web site owners and advertisers eyes. Ali mother the revision measures can make snap. Full screen advertising details page more generous and beautiful. Compared with the old edition advertising details page, add "cumulative turnover times", "shop sellers shop", "advertising and population distribution of the target population", "the website of other advertising", "advertisement recommend" and "similar item transactions list" and other functions, so that buyers and sellers of advertising the transaction is more transparent, intuitive and convenient.


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