Big data is not just a marketing tool highbrowism

most people will choose to hear unmoved in the similarity theory when piles, or even also believe that it offers the same creed, the only real tried only after a heartfelt sigh: This is the original


to the abstract, it is theoretical and practical difference, make an analogy a little image of the point, this is not seen in the Yellow River did not give up, must experience to "Empathy", but then again, jump the very people maybe on the surface with the ordinary people not what difference, but he is tried. You can never say, climbed Himalaya Range people than the average person how long an eye, but he was left out of the ordinary.

the age of the Internet, data and marketing closely almost became a kind of fashion, as if no data is contaminated by the once popular literature or art, big data can instantly become highbrow taste.

big data in the end can not be reliable?

Brazil World Cup held the red is not just a club or a team, is said to have predicted big data, the world cup lottery, Baidu big data not only successfully predicted the German championship, and in a variety of game is to maintain the accuracy of alarming, "big data" has become a new human assets. When the present algorithms and techniques of spiral growth and continuous improvement, the big data industry entered a rapid development period, this may bring a number of commercial success can signal.

big data under the guidance of the old gentleman weather forecast gave us another message: the timeliness of the data determines the data is not so reliable.

weather is already familiar with the use of big data people, but encountered thousands of times Tucao weather forecast, time to comply with the letter about the gentleman can not already in the eyes of the user, the time has come down because of Mr. old but cannot keep up with the times change, the natural climate phenomenon has experienced a re creation of human beings "" then, punishment by hacking process occasionally as Mr may become reasonable.

the above two simple cases together, we can get the letter not letter, letter not as dogmatic style enshrined in the final analysis, big data, big data is just a tool, a tool to help people to predict the target behavior.

tools big data in the end how to use


is another hot words of the Internet, big data is another form of intelligence, to the use of large data intelligent at the same time, we must first learn to reduce large data gap risk.


data is about to flow, the flow here mainly refers to two aspects, one is that your data will be used, of course, is not only looking at the value, the second is the change of the data itself, the best time to pay attention to changes in trend data. For example, micro-blog zombie powder will not be used to do a good analysis of the data resources, in the real social interaction and zombie powder obviously need to


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