On the idea and operation of friend marketing of independent blog

blog in a concise program easy to use and a variety of styles, and convenient to build and template DIY to meet the demands of individuation by more and more people love and use, and with several popular blog program SEO optimization progress, make more and more professional webmasters may also adopt the independent blog site program. In comparison with the traditional site, webmasters are accustomed to thinking in the form of profit through the CMS website in an independent blog has encountered a dilemma, it seems that the moment is not good to find their own good profit model. In fact, in addition to advertising advertising module is placed in the blog the nature, there are more profitable, such as in a certain visibility after marketing business services, industry related businesses monthly or annual advertising, today to share with you a more representative, and broad prospects for advertising model "Friends of marketing".

what is "friend marketing"?

"friend marketing", as its name implies is a friend as the object, the marketing method between friends. The object of a friend’s marketing is the blogger’s friend. So the best way to make a friend’s marketing work is to get as many friends as possible through an independent blog. And this relates to how to operate, how to carry out the problem of friends marketing.

how to carry out "friend marketing"?

"friend marketing" is the key to the development of a friend, but also a high quality, the degree of appreciation and loyalty to friends. So the premise of bloggers need to provide high quality content to attract like-minded people under the appropriate soft marketing theme in the relevant forums, sell their own independent blog, more and more through the platform to attract the same interest in the people, combined with the special and serious Bowen attract them to become loyal readers of the blog. As a result, the word of mouth between friends, coupled with the auspices of the constant promotion of Bo, blog readers will continue to increase.

in the acquisition of a certain number of friends, marketing conditions have been basically mature, so you can gradually develop a friend marketing. This requires the blogger is according to the blog’s positioning, targeted selection and blog theme and content of related products, such as the Kiki cartoon network blog provides animation and cartoon model and cosplay related to the clothing is closely linked with the theme of the blog blog readers to select products for purchase, and formed based on the blogger’s prestige and popularity, which will further promote the desire and confidence of readers to buy the product, to guarantee the product marketing effect.

friends marketing can not only be a product

friends marketing, marketing is not just a product. It is because marketing is the foundation of friends can gather in a number of independent blog’s popularity, so based on the popularity, you can convert it to buy more products, to become the most concerned about the high quality source of traffic for the owners. As we all know, webmasters need to consider how


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