Taobao will ban the third party marketing tool official rumor

[Reuters] last year after the state power to stop businesses using third albums, and there is news that Taobao will be fully shielded third party marketing tools, only allow the use of official marketing products. In this regard, Taobao related business departments to deny.

previously, there are businesses pointed out that Taobao has issued a notice to inform businesses, as of April 1st, third party marketing tools and software will no longer be supported. "Just like the measures taken during the eleven years of last year, the unofficial promotion of the third party will not be effective."

According to

billion state power network to understand, 2013 double eleven, Tmall has issued regulations, suspended, including the official Taobao limited discount, collocation package, send, Taobao VIP, VIP shops and various third party tools preferential. At the same time, Tmall has developed five marketing center tools for businesses to participate in activities.


Tmall official marketing tool

According to

2012 and 2013 businessmen reflect two double eleven are using the Tmall marketing center official tools, 2012 had allowed the official and third party support, but the system there are many loopholes, enable third party plug-in links often appear in baby. To this end, in 2013 only eleven pairs of Tmall supports official tools.

if Taobao decided to make this temporary choice forced into 2014 or even the future of coercive measures for the entire service provider market will be a fatal blow.

service providers after hearing the news shocked, do not believe that Taobao will be so arbitrary. This is the third party and disable the album is essentially the difference between the marketing service provider for the annual contribution of the Taobao service market in the 2-3 billion or so, Taobao is tantamount to self breaking hands."

as of May 2013, Taobao open platform gathered third party service providers to reach 49, relying on Taobao platform derivative services revenue scale of about $15 billion 200 million. According to the state power grid research, business demand for electricity supplier service market, marketing tools or applications to vote 21%, second class data mining.

if the reference to the scale of revenue, to 30% per order is divided into words, Taobao gains at least at least $5 billion. And on the eve of the Spring Festival, Taobao also for marketing service providers to increase the margin of 10-15 million margin.

"signs that Taobao should do more dishes in the service market, service providers will not spare none." The service provider pointed out.

, however, can be seen from the latest policy adjustments can be seen in how to deal with the relationship between Taobao and service providers into anxiety and contradictions. On the one hand, Taobao intends to reduce the proportion, from the past "37" to the 2014 "28"; on the other hand, Taobao mandatory marketing tools, including service providers settled together spire, and according to the regulation >


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