How to promote site planning

how to promote, is a site after the completion of the most critical and most urgent problems facing. How to allow users to quickly find their own websites in the world’s 70 million sites, is a very difficult thing. Simply put the point of banner advertising, buy a competitive ranking on the site is thought to do promotion, this thinking is also a bit too simple.

In fact,

site promotion and site planning is not completely separated, it should be called website promotion planning. This process needs to answer the following two questions:

1 how to let users know and visit my website?

2 how to allow users to visit and stay on my website?

if the first question we can complete the promotion plan is simple, promote the level of operation, the second is the planning level problem: only the realization of value for users, allowing users with a comfortable, our website can retain users. Moreover, these two problems can not be separated from the point of view, we have to consider how to facilitate the promotion of planning work, but also need to take into account the maintenance of long-term relations with the user in the promotion. So, we say the website promotion, should be the promotion plan.

specific website promotion process should follow the following steps:

1 clear objectives, budget and other boundary conditions

combined with the site’s own industry, business background, clear the objectives of our promotion effect, as well as budget, market segments, target users and other boundary conditions.

2 Analysis of the status of the site, the development of a preliminary promotion strategy

through the website of the statistical data, analysis of the emergence of some visits; combined with the site’s original user positioning, analysis and evaluation of the current promotion, find out where the problem lies. Combined with the previous analysis of the promotion objectives and the relevant boundary conditions, to develop a targeted promotion strategy.

3 website optimization

as mentioned earlier, the promotion of the site is not only a means to promote the application of the means to allow users to stay in their own website, can only rely on their own value to achieve. Therefore, the optimization of the site is necessary and extremely important process.

4 according to the promotion strategy, choose the right combination of promotion tools

promotion, marketing, in fact, is the use of marketing, marketing tools to achieve a combination of the promotion strategy has been identified in the process. In the field of network promotion planning, we can use the promotion tools are:

search engine, exchange links, information dissemination, e-mail marketing, web advertising, traditional media advertising, interpersonal communication (word of mouth), etc..

5 assessment and control

website promotion planning is not an overnight work, we need to constantly monitor and track the promotion of >


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