Eliminate network negative news

network began to enter people’s daily life circle at the same time, people began to use the network to cheat, but also means to cheat more. At the same time, it is inevitable to leave a variety of negative news, and they (liar) in order to eliminate the negative news on the network, they began to use a variety of channels through the back door.

Sanlu is a very typical example. Here I have a few strokes how to eliminate the negative news network (I only said that the principle of practice must rely on everyone).

1, the most common is Baidu and Google related search negative news, and Baidu and Google’s search is through the user’s search volume (eliminate the negative news is easy, the cycle is generally about three days).

2, portal news, community, website and blog, because Baidu and Google to determine the domain name weight of their relatively high, and to eliminate these news site, the only way is to eliminate the negative news in a deceptive way of deceiving the body.



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