How to operate the new nternet Forum

see the situation

first national forum is the core of fight against pornographic and illegal political speech, so this is what we must avoid. If that involves the two fields quickly deleted, otherwise no end of trouble for the future

domain name space to buy

is currently operating in the domestic forum has been difficult to register it, it is recommended that you buy a foreign domain name and space, foreign space is not required for the record, so the opening can be used. At the same time to avoid interference by some domestic policy. Although the recent.Cn may continue to allow personal registration, but how many webmaster dare to register.

select the industry for e-commerce

The main purpose of the

forum is to accumulate popularity, and then sell related products. Business Forum as far as possible to choose the e-commerce industry, to carry out product sales. If you visit the forum every day, 50 thousand people, if you sell a product inside, the monthly income is very impressive.

training forum manager

with the flow and popularity of the Forum continues to grow, a person can not handle the negative information. If you want the information inside the forum is very clean, you need to cultivate a large number of people online to help you delete negative information, or shielding information. This is very important for the management of the forum is imperative. It’s important to develop a team to help you run a forum.

do more offline activities


forum has many natural advantages, can speak freely in the forum to exchange feelings to each other, in order to effectively increase the viscosity of the user can do offline activities, this is very helpful for the development of the forum

forum management is very strict, but also because of the strict management of a number of forums. For the vast number of webmaster friends is also an opportunity for development, as long as we have a reasonable and legitimate friends to operate or have the opportunity to.


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