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review soft text class, we can trace back to ancient times. At that time, people in order to facilitate the communication between people and invented a variety of characters, after thousands of years of improvement, and finally have a variety of today’s text. Different combinations of words represent different ways of transmitting information. Today, we use the most soft in the marketing industry, but also a way of text messaging.

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is good, the success of our cause, such as the ancient poet wrote a poem "I ask where there are restaurants popular, the shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun", created China’s thousands of years of its Xinghuacun wine, it can be said that marketing is a marketing technique, and not enduring can be ignored. A senior marketing and marketing model, to rely on soft Wen to promote the success of its own brand, consumer trends that will, the author understands the market demand, some consumers and consumer groups consumption custom and so on, or write out the article marketing can not be called soft, their the brand is also very difficult to get a good promotion effect.

in our country, with "soft class" on behalf of the team has been in the marketing business in the development of mature, they formed a kind of tacit cooperation with the electronic commerce industry, every year there are many brands from the "deep alley" inside out, it can be said that the rise in the process of China’s annual economic stability in the index, the soft also made a certain contribution to economy, behind these economic achievement is unknown to the public in an effort to writers who.

soft text can be divided into several writing, each writing brings the marketing effect will be different. With "soft class" network as an example, they will be divided into soft news event marketing, emotional marketing, marketing story academic discussion of the three methods, for an extended object, can use a single soft promotion means, can also use the hybrid method. But no matter what kind of marketing means, in the promotion process, and not as hard as to give consumers a spoon of advertisements, but as a topic, then to attract potential consumers of soft article, quietly spreading things spread out, that is valuable or diversion. The effect of.

The quality of

a soft relationship in the process of soft marketing promotion effect, if the writer’s works can not cater to everyone’s psychology, can not give you a simple way of communication, soft Wen will lose value. A "soft gold class" Writers: "stereotyped, will make readers more disgusted, not to pay attention to our products; the whole article is written in the profound philosophy of the article, the best is easy to understand, as we are now without annotation to read classical Chinese, between the author and the the reader is formed a barrier." Thus, the soft Wen can be summed up as a word, the trend of the topic, unique ideas, close thinking". This article source: Shenzhen network science and technology reproduced reproduced please indicate Baidu Encyclopedia


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