Data analysis process so long how to manage a product manager

my entry in 2002, that time is not the word "product manager", my main job is to run data for the business sector and making statements, is the legendary "run data" and "report" that forced data warehouse engineer.

before 2007, I have been in the manufacturing enterprises to build data warehouse, until after the United States, began to enter the Internet, served two companies, Linkedin 4 and eBay more than 3 years. Every day with product managers, data analysts together to help them prepare the required data, analysis of products and users, and finally the results of the analysis to the product to go. Embarked on the data collection – processing – Cleaning – Show – the analysis – the path of data products.

Internet Co to do a good job in Growth, it is necessary to do a good product experience. Want to do a good product experience, product manager is the first need to support data analysis, with data to start Growth Hacker. (save 10000 words about Growth Hacker here)

1 product manager is concerned with the user experience

what do they care about the product manager,


product manager is APP UI, UX on the website or is the most familiar, because they are involved in the design: how should the user interaction, which is not convenient interactive place, each menu user interaction process, the interaction of the dead and the boundary; then the design of UI is not enough simple, beautiful, attractive? Which links need to strengthen user awareness, which links to reduce the user’s attention.

in short, are for the user experience, a good user experience can bring users active, improve growth.

such as web side (APP side):


2 analyst report provides data support to product manager

a qualified data analyst should be able to produce visual reports that can be used to analyze the results of different graphical representations. For example, the following visual report:


Where does the

analyst build data from the report?.

There are hundreds of tables in the

database, and a qualified data analyst is the first to know where the data is and what tables are there:

"Where there is a

page browsing table, where there is a search table, where advertising display, click on the table, where there is a mobile phone user event table, where a user attribute table, the table of each field corresponds to what dimensions and indicators, where there are already calculated good indicators of macro, where there is a micro the detailed user events, there is.


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