Let the nternet marketing to play 100 percent effect method!

Internet development speed is amazing, from the next line transactions gradually shifted to online transactions, many enterprises or individuals are aimed at the promotion of the Internet, but most people mistakenly believe that as long as do the Internet promotion will earn a lot of money, in fact, such thinking is a little bit naive, no wonder the Internet promotion success too many to count. Only the total ratio of 10%, the Cen Huiyu will share their own personal views, I hope to help you.


A. internet promotion is not equal to Internet marketing

this is a lot of people misunderstood, as long as do the Internet promotion, customers will see, can produce the order, if so, just throwing money to do the bidding, everyone can send big money, internet promotion is very easy, SEO or PPC can play a good promotion effect but, to show to the customer will be able to produce marketing? The answer is: not necessarily


first listen to a miserable story, but recently this time experience, Cen Huiyu himself made a decoration from the media promotion, the effect is good, in a breeze of the morning, received a local telephone customer decoration, I asked 130 square meters apartment layout decoration decoration, I at that time, bad music, a lot of local decoration company, but when the customer information to the decoration company, decoration company found no one to talk to, the reason lies in the renovation of the Housing Corporation is late, the other decoration company The early bird catches when I asked later, the decoration company to achieve cooperation after these were despised a decoration decoration company, which is so easy to talk to the next? Please give us high quality customers! Heart ten thousand draft! Give your client is not satisfied, not to talk about Back to my customer quality can not do things ah?


visible do the Internet promotion of bitter force? Of course, part of Internet promotion well except some worked to promote the work of the Internet in the enterprise, obviously the promotion effect is very good, the exposure rate is very large, but the boss will tend to blame the turnover of customers do not hit over, you do promotion, no deal, sure are you doing promotion problem.

here also emphasize that Internet marketing than Internet promotion to be much more difficult, internet promotion is the foundation of marketing, internet promotion is just to help you to seize the customers, but does not allow the user to pay, allowing users to pay is determined by the user’s needs and market trends, so the first point to emphasize the Internet promotion does not necessarily mean can produce Internet marketing.

two. To promote attention opportune! Website promotion focuses on enhancing the conversion rate of

internet promotion factors: Day promotion, ignore the conversion rate! This is also a lot to promote the common cause, do not promote the effect that the Internet is the money pit, I can only say that your thoughts will only let you miss the development trend of the times, because the user’s consumption demand gradually on the Internet, this.


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