The local computer city lore website promotion

site should be how to effectively promote it? I believe this is some of the most headache thing. Although I am in the website without much experience but I had the usual thinking and summary and veteran who painstakingly taught me how much is the good harvest, this shared in all, I stand in your last for the first time published by many predecessors believed that the character has a problem, oh it seems really is in front of old rookie don’t look good ah. I hope the other rookie encountered a blow, but also to continue to adhere to their own road. Give yourself gas.

we all know that each region has a large computer city, the city inside the computer business and the local people throughout the region, "computer users" with the most direct and most closely linked.. If you have a good grasp of the city’s business group, then you can have your entire region of computer users. We calculate this account. A computer city has 100 businesses, each business turnover of 2 customers a day, then a month should be a customer of 6000. We do not do the unit and the company yo. So a year? Oh, of course, this also test your level of communication. We believe that communication is not a problem. When you have good relations and own package of a better system, "must do" on your website information publicity in the system, give full play to your imagination and marketing means, the first time to seize the attention of customers, of course, if you can package windows7 the better. He is very popular nowadays. Down a few hundred dollars to spend the ocean to burn him into a disk distributed to all business friends, on the one hand they can be installed on the client, on the other hand you can face up to advertise your site to achieve a win-win effect. Of course, you can spread the idea, I will not say.

– these are just to do publicity and promotion, not necessarily can obtain long-term customers, the key is to focus on the user experience oh, grasp the point of interest, improve the quality of your website itself, so as to improve the return rate, a twenty hundred, the attendant is high visits. Method to share here first.. The key to success or failure is your execution.. Come on brothers.. Don’t care what others say, stick to your own way. If you can help me along the way. "Nanchong free movie network" advertise oh.

hope you respect the copyright may be reproduced but do not delete Oh even literary rotten I provide is a kind of thinking.


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