Eight essential qualities of the Network Pushing Hands

with the rapid development of the Internet era, enterprises, businesses and even individuals on the demand for online advertising is constantly expanding, a large number of talents to the network pushing industry influx. The reporter interviewed Internet marketer industry insiders Internet marketer landlords, together explore the current situation of the industry Internet marketer, and what kind of Internet marketer talent to meet the needs and development of the industry Internet marketer.

network push the landlord put forward: network promotion needs and network promotion practitioners showing blowout growth is leading to the entire network of public relations and online advertising industry into the shuffle stage. Uneven network promotion service unit and individual quality, promote diversification, promotion service object is complicated, many businesses treat Internet marketer and network marketing of the whole industry hold a wait-and-see attitude, and distrust. Of course, there are a lot of businesses tasted the sweetness of this economic and affordable promotion model."

now many people do not know how to become a network pushing hands, network push hands and the network of public relations team for the future development of self and network marketing to grasp the future is also relatively vague. This Internet marketer landlord on the network advertising form made a general analysis and put forward the following eight points "reference essential quality" Internet marketer for businesses and individual choice promotion services, but also for some of the new entry Internet marketer and network public relations as guidance and reference in days after learning and work.


Internet marketer said: "now the network has become a hotly contested spot in all walks of life successful businesses, Alibaba, Wang Laoji, Pepsi, TOYOTA and so well-known brand network marketing excellence so that businesses have seen Victories: network platform hidden huge commercial value and the value of advertising.

Internet marketer as a pioneer in soft advertising and speculation are emerging together in network marketing events, and promote the development of every Internet marketer must constantly progress and improve themselves "


positive WEB2.0 heyday, Internet marketer who want to become the network marketing a new era of beach goers have to develop their own comprehensive, self perfection. Macro thinking must be to fully grasp the network and market development, cultivate the comprehensive marketing concept, multi angle relations strategies; micro deep technical aspects, acquire more knowledge and skills of public relations promotion network."

According to the needs of the present and future market, the

network pushing the landlord simply lists some of the necessary capabilities and qualities of the network pushing hands, and is being explored by the hands of those who are learning.

1, soft marketing. Soft Wen marketing is the promotion of network magic hands, but also the essence and core of soft advertising. Today, hard advertising has been gradually accepted by people in recent years, soft advertising and event hype burst out of the power to make you wonder. One event to create a brand and shops so that a lot of people understand a truth: now, the first thing to do is not to sell well, but think about how to make a super super brand, each


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