The Google keyword advertising to create successful 12 tactics

This article will show you some tips for creating successful advertising content in the Google keyword ranking Select (Google  AdWords ). I have used these methods to test Google’s pay per click advertising service for some time, and the results were very successful. These 12 tips can help you to create a higher click rate in the Google keyword ranking ad, and at a lower price in front. As you expect!  

1.  lock the correct target group  

by selecting a language and a country or region to lock your potential customers. For example, you can set only your ads appear on potential customers in a particular country, for example, there are now many French speaking countries, but if your target customers only in Canada, you can put in Canada except the French speaking countries blocked. In other words, the French query is unable to "click" your ad, because it will not appear. This avoids the extra and unnecessary expenses that are brought to you by this click.  

2.  refining advertising keywords  

by square brackets "[…]" put your keywords (words) in parentheses. For example: [Google][Google  AdWords]  as a result, only when the keyword brackets with the keyword query type and you (key phrases) an exact match, your ad will appear in front of users. In other words, if the search keyword contains other words, then the search results will not appear in your ad. To effectively eliminate the irrelevant to your business visitors, to minimize the cost of your advertising.  

3.  test multiple ads at the same time  While the need for general

4.  track the return on investment for each ad (ROI)  


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