Google AdSense domestic test electronic bank transfer payment

webmaster network admin5.com3 19 news, according to friends revealed that the current Google AdSense has been tested in the domestic electronic bank transfer payment services, currently only a small number of users to test. Qualified users will be able to charge directly through the bank account.

uses RMB payment, users will not need to wait for the account of $100 (about 680 yuan) for payment, Google AdSense will adjust the payment limit of 400 yuan rmb. It is understood that Google will pay personal income tax levied on the use of personal names, it is not clear tax standards.

users reflect that Google move is undoubtedly a significant step towards the localization of the move, the move will greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of Chinese owners.

according to the mobile phone film (, said the owner, he was fortunate to become the first batch of test users, and provide screenshots.




attached, Google new strategy:

after receiving the new terms, do I need to make a personal identification number and phone number?

if you have confirmed, do not repeat the confirmation; if you have not confirmed, you still need to confirm the payment.

is there any difference between the new plan and the original


in terms of the new plan, the main change is that we update the legal entity we cooperate with you, reduce the payment limit, the use of the RMB payment by domestic banks, you can review the terms and conditions of this program for more details.

what are the requirements for tax payment?

if you are allowed to participate in the Google AdSense plan, in accordance with the requirements of China area tax, for personal accounts, we will we will according to the relevant laws of withholding personal income tax; for enterprise accounts, they need to send the invoice to us prior to the payment in check the invoice before we can account for payment to the enterprise.

more about electronic payment strategy address: Hl=cn& topic=8453

following Google to achieve electronic transfer, before the implementation of the identity card number confirmed in place of PIN code!

identity card payment address: Contact=cnps>


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