Gengo $12 million investment, the value of what

Gengo is a paid, human powered translation of high quality web sites.

Wang Yingxiong from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley news that distributed human translation site Gengo for a new round of $12 million financing, in the end is what kind of Web site and how it works?.

Gengo is a paid, human translation of high quality translation sites, mainly for business users, in this globalized world, the human communication program surge. But because of language, communication has become a great obstacle. Many multinational companies or international trade companies, there is a huge demand for language translation, especially in e-commerce, tourism industry. The precise cost of translation. Such a natural soil brewing Gengo production.

Gengo is used in distributed personnel translation, simply put, is the professional version of Witkey website translation. He is openly recruiting translators on the website, and these translators only need to pass the test to become a translator. According to their website, there are many advantages to being their online translator. For example, free working hours, without considering the settlement problem, by the Gengo responsible, work pressure, etc..

Gengo in quality assurance, the first requirement is the language translation, translation translators only for their native language, so as to ensure the quality, and Gengo audit team, will examine the translation of the contents.

In addition, Gengo open API, allowing a variety of CMS embedded, coupled with the Youtube has been using his system a year ago to do the translation of paid subtitles, his business prospects unlimited

. And the use of distributed personnel (Witkey website) the biggest advantage is that it is difficult to control labor costs, to achieve the ultimate optimization. Such a model will gradually eliminate all full-time translation company.

translation market although in the entire industry is a small industry, but also to create a year at least $20 billion above the market share and market share, with the development of economy, the market scale is gradually expanding.

in accordance with a well-known fable, the Internet has not changed the industry will be changed by the Internet, the translation market is being changed Gengo.


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