Happy net 1 billion to steal food for 7 years and to no one

Abstract: from the rapid development, to decline, to the transition, and then to be sold, holding you is the Internet, and the most ruthless is the internet. The new rise of the old people late in life, everything is worth entrepreneurs to ponder.


was a smash hit, by "steal food", "grab a car" started in the horizon of happy net has disappeared for a long time.

October 13th, the listed company for the intelligence contest (300044) announced that the proposed acquisition of happy net parent company happy person information 100% stake. Announcement, the company intends to issue shares and a cash payment, the price of 1 billion 85 million yuan, the purchase of Zhou Bin, on the north shore of Xinyu 6 counterparty holds 100% equity interest in the information of happy people.

among them, the company intends to raise matching funds of not more than 540 million yuan, for the payment of cash consideration of the transaction, subject to the company’s IP authorized use and game development and construction projects. Race announcement shows that 1 billion 85 million of the transaction price of $70.32% or $763 million, will be paid by way of issue of shares, the remaining $322 million will be paid in cash.

earlier, in July 20th, the race for the intelligent announcement, signed a preliminary "issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets framework agreement", but did not disclose the acquisition of Beijing Kaixinren information technology limited amount. The 1 billion is bought, the price really make people sigh.

8 years of entrepreneurship was sold

happy network was founded in 2008, is the first white-collar office users in the community based social networking sites. Happy net diary, photo albums, including dynamic record, reprint, social games, social networking tools for users. Its development of happy farm is set off a nationwide online stealing food craze.

Founded just over a year after the

, the user that is more than 60 million, the creation of a valuation of more than $100 million a year. According to reports at the time, 2010, happy net income of 300 million yuan, while beginning to profit, happy network founder Cheng Binghao shouted must be listed slogan.

from the beginning of 2010, but the good times don’t last long, happy net traffic decreased rapidly, the per capita website from the highest dwell time is 40 minutes down to ten minutes, Google’s global web site TOP1000 rankings, happy net June 2010 global ranking is 107th, and a year later, but fell to 235.

true and false happy network dispute, Sina micro-blog line, is a key node in the development of happy network. Although the second half of 2010 happy net also measured similar to micro-blog’s products, but the initial setbacks. When the first half of 2011 to solve the social structure has undergone tremendous changes.

then, happy network began to focus on the transformation and development of game development and distribution business. Major research and development and operations


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