Video Site new regulations will take effect Mysee initiative off

was in January 21st, with a great reputation in the field of Internet video Mysee network has been unable to open.

Mysee network CEO Guo Tao in exchange with China Economic Times reporter admitted that the site has been closed. At present, this situation, do not mean."

new status

December 29, 2007, SARFT and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "provisions of the Internet audio-visual program service" (MII, SARFT Decree No. 56, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), implemented since January 31, 2008.

most people in the industry confused content from the provisions of the eighth. "Regulations" article eighth: application in the Internet audio-visual program services, "shall have the qualifications of a legal person and is owned or controlled by the state, and in the 3 years before the application, no illegal records".

"Regulations" will be implemented in some days, in accordance with the provisions of the new policy, the domestic video website or before January 31st quickly find state-owned buyers either shut down. At present, most of the domestic video sites are involved in the domestic and international venture capital investment in private enterprises, and therefore do not meet the requirements of the so-called state-owned holding.

in fact, restrictions on the management of the main categories of audio-visual websites, the provisions is not the first time. As early as in July 6, 2004, the State Administration of radio and television on the adoption of the Internet and other information network dissemination of audio-visual programs management approach (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). "Measures": "wholly foreign-owned, Sino foreign joint ventures, Chinese foreign cooperative institutions, shall not engage in the dissemination of information network audio-visual business." But the approach has not been strictly implemented, then there is no restrictions on the state-owned background to make restrictions.

video website must be wholly owned or holding the news, the entire Internet video industry shock.

network video died on January 31st, at the age of 2?.

Mysee net

now known as 80 "Beijing four" (Li Xiang, Dai Zhikang, Mao Kankan, high) of high fuel, is started by Mysee and yangmingliwan.

Mysee by burning was founded in 2003, a $2 million investment in 2005 was the northern lights, was one of the earliest risk investment video website, a high reputation and Mysee noise.

in 2006, because after 80 entrepreneurial by CCTV and Phoenix TV and other mainstream media attention and strong, high reputation rilong Mysee. At the end of 2006, due to run out of investment is still not profitable, founder of high pressure forced investors in turn created out, paparazzi network (now China entertainment network). By the same investment chairman, northern lights red child website before the vice president Guo Tao as Mysee CEO to pick up the pieces.



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