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1 OpenSSL explain the major flaw: who will be affected? How to solve?  

has recently announced that the researchers, widely popular network encryption software OpenSSL there is a major loophole named Heartbleed, people’s account passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information may be stolen. Major sites are stepping up to solve this problem. What is the matter? Whether ordinary users will be affected by the foreign media recently? These questions are detailed.

what is SSL?

SSL is a popular encryption technology to protect the privacy of Internet users from the internet. For example, when accessing secure sites such as, you will see the URL left a green "lock" icon, it means your communications to the site and protected by encryption. Here’s what it looks like on Google’s Chrome browser:

2 world’s worst browser IE6 finally died

April 9th, according to foreign media reports, in the years after the release of the Windows XP in 2001, Internet Explorer 6 was the world’s largest and most important browser. Today, Microsoft announced that it was the last day of the company to provide updates on Windows XP and Office2003, but it will provide the final support for IE6 until the end of this month. Unless you’re a very nostalgic person, it’s time to say goodbye to IE6.

3 Ctrip where to spread rumors Baidu or monopoly online travel

online travel Ctrip rumored, but the acquirer from Ali into Baidu, so far, three Internet giant BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) as the scandal protagonist and Ctrip "intimate contact". Alibaba and Tencent frequently shot different, Baidu since the acquisition of the first 1 billion 850 million U.S. dollars after the wireless has been silent, the Baidu was passed if the real shot Ctrip, will directly determine the pattern of online travel industry. Sources said the industry, the final mode of operation or two kinds: where is the acquisition of Ctrip, where to replace the new Baidu Ctrip’s holding power; the second is Baidu holding Ctrip, then the integration of the two.

4 millet want to break the supply of rice noodles trapped for 12 hours to sell the phone 1 million 300 thousand  

has always been known for the high cost of millet mobile phone, although each generation are subject to widespread concern after the release, but supply problems arising due to capacity has been criticized and questioned by the user.

in Tucao users to grab "after 4 years, millet announced in 2014" Rice noodles Festival "is no longer under wired conference, it is a large-scale online sales activities. Millet company founder, chairman Lei Jun for rice


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