The classification of information giant money, job seekers are selling recruiters were grab

August 1, 2012, manager of Shenyang New Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Dai customary open 58 city, began a routine routine every day: the Internet to find a job resume, the company found the need for talent. But this time, she met a new situation.

"please recharge, download a copy of your resume for 5 yuan, 3 yuan more than 20 copies of the batch!" at the window, on behalf of Mr. terrified. Before Mr. Dai every day to download dozens of resumes screening talent, but apparently, it has become the past tense, and hundreds of dollars a day resume download costs, it is not so small and micro enterprises can afford.

actually, for some time, the same problem also includes hundreds of small and medium enterprises.

classified information giants fishing gold seekers were "sold", they were "grab"

in fact, from the beginning of July, the domestic large-scale classified information website recruitment service began to "face", August, is a comprehensive "Tilting Pan face", the scope of charges is not confined to the top, refresh and other recruitment promotion needs, but for all ordinary users. Of course, the "guidance" of this wave of nature is well known 58 city. The standard is to download a job seekers resume 5 yuan.

download resume also charges, there are two purposes, one is to increase revenue, and the two is to promote new projects. For example, the 58 year old city charges $3000 but no substantive role in the new project from the perspective of increasing revenue, they are a large number of job seekers as a commercial resource information to seek benefits. From the point of view of the promotion of new projects, they are used as a means to blackmail the enterprises to adopt new fees and charges." Director of the new direction, said mr..

behalf of the words of the giant charge behavior explained, and more social consensus is gathered in the business ethics and legitimacy of the giant behavior.

only a short while ago, classified information website but it is relying on raging like a storm, free, local, efficient banner, the giants had enough popularity but has talent shows itself, near monopoly status, immediately turned to their own "fans" once again staged surgery, an episode of "mrdongguo and snake" story. From the legal perspective, the original job seekers information as a business resource to sell access to income, and it recently repeatedly broke the sales ladies selling customer information and classification information? If these giants behavior can exist, and how to understand the sales ladies to bear the blame? In addition, giants behavior is tantamount to between job seekers and small and medium-sized enterprises to tie up a fence, so it is difficult to find a job seekers, enterprises can not find talent, serious damage to the employment environment, and government guidance and efforts to counter.

free charge after the first business model has long been a precedent, such as Taobao. But Taobao is charging fees for value-added services, ordinary users do not have any restrictions shop. In contrast, the giants who appeared over the net


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