From the third point of view of the domain name event

Eileen Chang once said, "to be famous as", and here to say, the domain name registration should be as early as possible.

many webmaster friends, registered since that value, may later be hot domain name, hope to be able to wait for the right price to sell, sell a good price. Many people engage in Wangzhuan, website, open shop, earn a lot of money, the Internet is a low threshold of entrepreneurship fu. The sale of domain name, website transaction every kind of Wangzhuan patterns emerge in an endless stream. In the Internet world, as long as you are creative, forward-looking, perseverance and perseverance, sooner or later will get a pot of gold.

said last year and Chen Yizhou fry raise a Babel of criticism of the purchase of "" domain name news has gradually fade out of people’s vision, now Chen Yizhou has made the purchase of "" domain name, this event has become the focus of the webmaster discussion. Stationmaster net reports of oak Chen Yizhou to buy the domain name ", Chen Yizhou is also set off a new round of domain name acquisition boom? Not to mention Chen Yizhou’s acquisition of domain name’s intention, and we talk about the webmaster how to look at this thing.

Since the beginning of April 9th

Gu Baiyou contest start slowly, some action of the webmaster friends say "Valley excellent" a few keywords the domain name was registered a domain name for the visible effects of empty, a website has much! Now many webmaster cybersquatting, want to register in advance through some the value of the domain name, sell a good price? Some webmaster website technology and ideas may not have "happy" team, but the owners have domain awareness, a valuable domain maybe can clamp others, bring a pot of gold for myself. We do not know, the founder of happy net Cheng Cheng is not happy, but he is at the time, mistakes pay a painful price. Again, the sale of "" to Chen Yizhou is not famous Adsense is happy, after all, 3 million RMB is real money, he can safely in the bag, because he had registered the domain name, because he had the foresight.

now Chen Yizhou also acquired the domain name "", the horizon to after all, he is not the silence, made a similar "" registered domain names such as fault, because of a.Cn, maybe he should register themselves out of the.Com domain at first, so that we can sleep without any anxiety, also won’t have today Chen Yizhou’s acquisition of of a great disturbance. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a small mistake, may have a devastating impact on the rapid development of enterprises.

, of course, not related in perspective, the webmaster should be happy, if you get a good time, leading to the domain name registration can indeed bring benefits for themselves, if not that not famous stationmaster that good luck, at least in the domain name sale pulled up an end.


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