Online shopping experience on the Taobao marketing service is not in place is seek death rhythm

would like to talk about Taobao services today. From their own Taobao bought a product, but I in Ali Wangwang with the customer feedback problems, but it has been slow to return. Not only there is no feedback, no response, I suspect that this is not a machine service, is not only the.

for this, I gave a bad comment to the merchant.


I am an online shoppers who love online shopping. First, I bought a product on the Internet, if not what the problem is, I’m not evaluation, basically are Alipay automatic payment default evaluation. But for the sake of this commodity, I gave a bad review for the first time. Why? Because I don’t know why I’m unhappy because I don’t think there’s any service. Why do I feel the pressure there is no service? Because I repeated feedback in Ali Wangwang, but did not get a response (i.e. no reply).

today’s Internet, there is no service shop, must not live.

whether you sell products on any platform, service is very important. Even in micro-blog word of mouth is the same, if your service is not in place, this single business is likely to flow away. If in the sale, your service is not in place, then the consequences will be very serious.

services are sometimes equivalent to marketing

Why do I say

service is sometimes equivalent to marketing? Because marketing is actually marketing the hearts of consumers, if you get consumers care to warm the heart, even if the consumer does not buy your product, he will remember you, he will remember your sincerity, your care. The next time there is demand, he will remember you the first time.

service is very important, the product is very important. The product is not first-class, the service will be first-class; the product is first-class, the service must be first-class.

service is really important, but the product is equally important. If your product is not first-class, then you have to do first-class service; if your products are first-class, then you have to do the best service.

Now a lot of Taobao

shop, the service is not good, the product is not good, cause Death is not to be regretted. Some companies have opened a business micro-blog, with a robot hair hair, there is no trace of customer problems, not to mention the service. Taobao opened a shop online all day long, but want a feedback problem, have a day not to respond, such a service called


originally, customers buy a product, the problem is very boring, but the merchant service is not in place, feedback problems have not been resolved, consumers are bound to anger. To give a bad comment is a small thing, the event is to send micro-blog pictures, but also to tell friends and family around, how bad this business. Such things happen, but many companies do not attach importance to.

said in front of the sale, now talk about pre-sale. The >


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