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as just a site near the webmaster rookie, here I very feel shy to admit one thing: that is the site for several months, my site IP never break through 200! This is how sad thing! The website promotion methods in my opinion almost unfathomable.

what SEO what promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion, I was utterly ignorant of. Just as I was about to give up doing this, a little success gave me great confidence and strength!

The use of

is the success of this year’s Spring Festival Gala! Although every year every year people scolded, but concern. Now I finally understand, what people pay attention to, what we will use. For example, most people talk about this year is Justin, Faye Wong, Zhao Benshan, Louis Liu et al., and this year’s Lunar New Year’s day and Valentine’s day are on the same day, I posted about the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day video and news.

unexpectedly, I have no arms what hope, my post was included in Baidu and top! IP it soared to 4000! But this makes me overjoyed. Excited one check list, found that most of the IP are from the Spring Festival and Valentine’s day log vote. This I drive more foot, start crazy reproduced on the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day video news, think tomorrow will have a great harvest.

came to see me on the second day. Expect the situation did not appear, IP actually dramatically reduced. The original ah, a lot of post reproduced by Baidu K. But K are K, the site will continue to do so, the promotion will continue. Just when I look for other ways to promote, there is a group of friends asked, "Louis Liu magic show secret video". I have always been a warm-hearted person, gave him the web site. Then suddenly thought, Louis Liu this boy looks very red this year. Baidu search, even ask all people everywhere are on about the secret video address! This I certainly helpful, warm and he replied, "by the way" on their web site. Kind of good ah, I ask that the answer at the first row! How many people see this as can be imagined. Sure enough Ip jumped from 200 to!

the little success that I found, network promotion in fact no so mysterious. As long as willing to use their brains, the way is always more difficult than. I hope to encourage you to write a new friend who is still groping. Don’t give up, don’t slack off, success is very close to us! Finally, we welcome to reprint, but please indicate my station: oh.


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