On the local industry website promotion both online articles (a)

well, so how to promote the success of its own web site, is a difficult problem for most of the webmaster, I have in my station Jiujiang decoration mesh, divided into two parts to introduce how I promote my local industry website promotion, website promotion from the large side is the online promotion and line under the.

a, QQ promotion

QQ is to promote the old growth on the simple, we all know, but the QQ promotion is also very skills, this time I applied for 5 new QQ, all with local friends, have a number of 5*500=2500, attention is best female with male friends, men, on the other hand, this can quickly fill 500, filled with friends after the beginning of advertising, my approach is that, first of all to each friend’s space message, the message the best way to make people look rather baffling, I wrote: I (in here to write your web address information, write) very sincere, very want to know you. In this case, QQ owners can not help but look at your site to look at, and if the QQ owner does not delete the message, as long as the access to his space can see you write the ad. Here recommended a quick message in others in space, I won’t name, you go to Baidu search will know, one day a 1000 space is no problem. After the completion of the space can be sent to the friends of the friends of the tool to send ads to each friend. Before the best to send greetings to others. Softly politely, then leave a sentence "if the information brought you inconvenience, sincere apology" to you this way, even if others do not see your website, not pull you black.

two. Exchange link

local area of the site and the best site exchange, the provinces can not bring you much traffic, the kind of traffic is not able to generate economic benefits. My QQ number is pretty. In 84028, I’ll place some of the big head of QQ with friends, such as home network, football nets, Jiujiang network, secondary network, network classification. And they can exchange links after the exchange, after all, is the region of the. The link is not the more the better, the essence is the key.

three. Forum promotion

site forum promotion of course, locked in the local forum. Said to do it, first of all, choose the region’s popularity is better ten forums. Registered number, number of main post vest. The top of this vest, needless to say, everyone knows that there is a popular post reply, the individual signature, membership head, post signature are used, reply the map, one can not miss, what, you don’t have a good use Baidu Search?. Here to indicate. The first sofa is the best.


talked about this, about the promotion of the next line, literary talent is not good, you don’t mind, and finally promote their QQ:84028 Jiujiang decoration mesh www.0792zs.com, welcome the friends I exchange Q.


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