WeChat’s latest marketing approach WeChat small tail!

WeChat marketing a lot of people want to learn, including the most basic shake, nearby people, drift bottles, as well as circle of friends, WeChat public numbers and other marketing methods. However, WeChat in the end there is no other marketing methods. Today, Shao Lianhu blog to teach you a new way to use WeChat’s small tail marketing.

some time ago, I saw in today’s headlines have a WeChat location into Apple’s mobile phone tutorial. As we all know, Apple phone can be said to be the country’s most famous mobile phone. Moreover, when iphone6 plus was out of the price of six thousand yuan, almost all the nouveau riche could afford to buy.

is a mobile phone, more than 6 thousand dollars, would you buy? For hot headed people might buy, but may regret why buy such expensive mobile phone, for the nouveau riche, it is a symbol of the rich, this mobile phone is light on the face, nothing to see, look at me I know what mobile phone more cattle.

on this phone, I did not expect someone to start playing the idea on the phone. For example, some people like to pretend to force, some people feel funny, put their own circle of friends in WeChat geographic location changed to iphone6 plus phone. As we all know, in the QQ space, micro-blog released will talk about what mobile phone.

for this set of functions, many people feel boring, can not afford to buy iphone6 plus get a fake interesting? When I see, feel quite good fun, if I do this, my friend asked me if I was for a mobile phone, feel very funny. In this way, after a few Monday did not get this.

, however, a few days ago, I saw an article in the QQ space, is to introduce the small tail of WeChat set, then there is no time to see to share, did not notice. A few days ago, I saw in the circle of friends WeChat comments, I thought it was signed. From that moment, I would like to use this set of iphone6 plus features, to their own ads.

today, I Baidu search a bit, search WeChat signature can not find anything, to find the most is the setting of the small tail of WeChat, as well as a small tail iphone6 WeChat plus tutorial. Yeah, I found this tutorial, and I know how to set this up. Below, Shao Lianhu blog also teach you how to operate:

the first step, the phone login WeChat circle of friends, as follows:

second step, click on the upper right corner of the camera icon, and then click on the picture, as follows:

third step, select a picture, and then click finish, as follows:

fourth step, click on the location, as follows:

fifth step, click on the upper right corner of the search box, enter your ad information search, as follows:

sixth step, click on your search to >


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