Easy Xincheng marketing account object of new enclosure NetEase will add friends restrictions

marketing group NetEase said the construction of a large number of people. The "add friends" limits

IT Times reporter Xin Yun

August 19th, easy letter released on the line. 24 hours came to registered users millions of breaking news, easecredit official said, the faster than expected. At the same time, the new media marketing passion ignited, they seem to have smelled easecredit potential advertising value.

easecredit enclosure 46 sleepless hours

the first batch of easecredit marketing mostly with WeChat marketing experience, they to easecredit migration from the race against time, the function of easecredit, custom marketing strategy, to create attractive easecredit account, until the rapid spread of marketing behavior, the way gently cooked, did not want to fall behind.

August 21st, wrote a marketing account easy letter circle of friends: "I easecredit strategy on duty for 46 hours!" in the evening, in the name of "entrepreneurial marketing alliance" easecredit chat group, the marketing account between each other in a day of fighting experience, many people all day without easecredit, add friends to hand acid". More people said: (in order to easy letter) Company in the number of overtime." Although the physical exertion, but they admitted that reluctant to believe".

seize the "opportunity" the start of large

The reason why

is so reluctant, is due to a number of significant differences between easy letter and WeChat: first of all, easy to believe the real phone number registration, and WeChat only QQ number can also be registered. Ordinary users to only two or three mobile phone number, easecredit account shell phenomenon will be far lower than WeChat. For marketers, the addition of easy to believe the gold content of friends is self-evident.

at the same time, easecredit friends add authority is more relaxed than WeChat, and can see strangers friends in my circle of friends comments, so as to find a quick marketing account for friends of the shortcut, can spread quickly, "enclosure" for the marketing behavior of accumulated communication base.

a marketing account, said the company has 5 people to add friends on WeChat, but on average only about $4000 per person per month, easy to believe that one day you can manually add this figure."

is so "race", because there is a marketing account that the beginning of this phenomenon and the development of WeChat quite similar, when some large marketing plus fans to a certain magnitude, it will increase the verification of friends add restrictions, "the opportunity is in the past two days! A large times! Hope the first time to grasp the opportunity, and


the most rapid addition method: 100


actual operation, easy letter and WeChat’s way of expanding the network is not the same. Easecredit is not "near", "shake" the stranger search function, highlighting the characteristics of communication between acquaintances at first, difficult to start, but get in by every opening of the marketing account, quickly find.


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