Joyoung WeChat marketing case, WeChat turtle rabbit race

WeChat marketing has been a topic of concern to businesses and businesses. Everyone wants to use WeChat to promote their products or services. Many businesses have set up a WeChat public numbers, but also hope that users can focus on them. But the user is not a fool, there is no reason why they pay attention to your WeChat public number. In order to enable you to do a better job of WeChat marketing, Shao Lianhu today to personally experience the case of a Joyoung WeChat marketing share to everyone, but also hope that we can learn from some inspiration.

this afternoon, Shao Lianhu and his wife grand entrance pass when Pizhou Hualian Supermarket, saw a lot of people there don’t know why. Seems to be doing something. The other day I was at the gate of Tongcheng supermarket will participate in the activities held by the Pizhou rural commercial bank. I guess that’s the same.

looked at it for a while and found that it was a WeChat game, and the game was a success. See such an interesting event, there are prizes to take, Shao Lianhu will try the next. I did not expect the phone to run out of electricity. But it’s still involved. Specific activities are as follows:

the first step, pay attention to the subscription number, mother eat what ah". The public number is Joyoung, I did not expect the name is not used by Joyoung, I almost did not see. Is to scan the above two-dimensional code on the line, and then click on the attention, allowing, as follows:


second step, concerned about the Joyoung WeChat public number, click View message. After the general public concern WeChat will prompt attention to information. Which know Joyoung’s No. Have to scan two-dimensional code to see. This is not done Joyoung WeChat marketing. Click to view the message, the purchase of the phone number will be sent to the Joyoung WeChat public number, and then will prompt an immediate registration page.


third step, to the immediately after the registration of the page in the wait for a few words immediately became yellow. Because the white word condition can not be added. And this time the host also said that the event does not have a wireless network, can only be done with the flow, and Apple’s mobile phone run faster. My mobile phone is a telecommunications Huawei, I feel my mobile phone should run fast. After all, my computer’s traffic is very fast.


fourth step, and so many people, then joined the ban on the entry of one hundred people. And a lot of people watch the big screen TV ready for the race. A lot of people picked up the phone. And I saw the game before that:

1, the faster the phone shake, the faster it runs.

2, the greater the amplitude of the mobile phone to run faster.


started quickly, and there are many small screen signal and the picture is displayed on the screen.


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