Small brand social media marketing also need to dig their own potential


account at one institution on social media should have the image and personality ", which has become the basic mechanism of social media account operators consensus. Since joining the social media, of course, is to socialize, users want to communicate with a person. A consulting company’s social media account, is knowledgeable and wise, a sanitary napkin brand, naturally need to paste a close love.

brand social media marketing is the icing on the cake

but not every product of each enterprise has so many unique brand positioning, especially in the second camp consumer brands, a handful of them like to have the pursuit of quality of life of urban white-collar "in pointing crowd, enterprise budget and human resources are limited, the user the use of time and attention, interest is also limited, to be truly content full and" personality "to attract attention, is not so easy.

social media marketing, many times is doing things the icing on the cake, rather than timely assistance. The brand in the leading position, thanks to the brand reputation, customer base and financial resources, can easily build relationships in the social media platform, to help them better amplify the sound, provide more communication with consumers in the form of. Such a high handsome rich customers, encountered a creative agency, do it naturally handy complement each other. But for many expect the use of social media Yiersansiji advantages, to rise from the two or three line to the first-line brand, it seems that everything is not so beautiful. The reality of social law also Xianpinaifu play a role in the digital social media platform, requires the user’s attention, there is no "strong background" or "the only brand to the first position, and a clear conscience in digital games or forwarded comment number like in water.

social media companies own media platforms. Have a strong owned media platform is a self exciting thing, a lot of exploration and practice is also in full swing. But what kind of role does owned Meida play, how to have is worth it, perhaps also need to be more clear. Because the original system is not Subversion: ability to provide professional content still in some media (newspapers are not institutions in the hands of the traditional TV media, but is still a media agency, at least not in the hands of the enterprise, this kind of media agencies) identify the audience positioning crowd to high-quality content to meet their needs, and to aim at this part of the enterprises through to the advertising and public relations with media to convey information, this is a more efficient approach, in line with the trend of specialization. The Internet, social media and the impact of the new reform, is to let a one or two party become omnipotent, or more sophisticated specialization or re division, even if the answer is still uncertain, but I do not think it should be "universal".

does not have the potential, technology can not help you but may Amoy


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