Dry cargo sharing how to do network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises

modern commercial society, the explosion of information, will greatly enhance the difficulty of product information promotion. But business is a game of information asymmetry, so the nature of business lies in the coverage of information. The threshold of the game is very low, so many people play the game, so the network marketing is really not easy to promote.

More and more enterprises

network marketing outsourcing, mostly small and medium sized enterprises do not have their own professional network marketing team, or the team effect is not ideal, want leveraging external forces to promote online business development. Many companies are aware of the use of network marketing to promote business, do not understand. The result is:

want to optimize the rankings through SEO, the results of the site was K;

do Baidu bidding, burn burned distressed, or not to consult;

do network promotion, I do not know where the force into, really did not find the feeling?

do not know how to do online marketing is hard to force tired!

In fact, these problems

get to the root of the problem there are two main reasons:

1, please find the wrong person, do not understand the people to play, the result is no results.

2, the money to less, 2000-3000 personal play to do network marketing, but also SEO, but also the network promotion, but also the price, you really when you are invited to the superman that is easy to use it?

SEO is a proficient minimum 5K starting point of the brain as long alone, to play their own projects, thousands of pieces of money not to play with you.

at this time, many small and medium-sized enterprise boss himself started playing it, and SEO, is to learn network promotion, the company had to deal with problems, like this, can make the effect? Typical a thankless task, a waste of time and life!

to this low efficiency, and to understand how these methods are not one or two days, you may understand the whole, the Internet did not know what has become of the day.

I have a suggestion for such a business:

1, self built team, please do consultant

advantages: low cost, manpower and custom, because the network marketing is not a one-time work, network marketing will need to schedule periodic expenses, step by step implementation, have their own team, the future development of the business stable rising long-term positive value.

2, direct outsourcing

benefits: worry and effort, all in order to improve the website precision flow, advisory capacity, volume based. Do not have to manage their own, just shipped or do a good job of service. Professional live let professional people to do it!

for now, a lot of industry competition although large, but in fact it is most used in the food competition, there is a Home Furnishing consulting outsourcing industry friends today, I analyzed the current situation of the industry, but most enterprises do a website, do the bidding, even completed the network marketing.


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