WeChat circle of friends to do the advertising to be effective

play WeChat circle of friends marketing more and more people, of which there are indeed a small number of people are digging into gold, but most of them are not in the state of profit blind toss.

I had little interest in WeChat, rarely advertise their WeChat, but there are a lot of friends directly through QQ add me for the WeChat friends, now there are hundreds of contacts list, WeChat information circle of friends is also up, so I have to pay attention to WeChat, occasionally brush circle of friends.

I’m sorry, I brush the circle of friends out of the information, mostly all kinds of advertising, and most of the ads have a characteristic: it is obvious advertising, aggressive, trying to convince others to pay.

for example, the two insurance advertisements, the first is to educate customers, the second is obviously the official text, telling their own stories.


, for example, the anti acne products advertising, obvious Huangpojing praises.


the top two advertising examples, can not say that there is no effect, but can be sure the effect is very poor, because WeChat is a circle of friends to share the platform, not advertising platform, the quality of such advertising directly pulled the user experience and the circle of friends.

we look at the positioning of WeChat circle of friends: WeChat’s circle of friends is a chain of acquaintances to build a small, intimate circle, users share and concern of friends living in the circle of friends, so as to strengthen the links between people, it is not as micro-blog and business platform can wantonly marketing.

not to mention the excessive marketing Tencent has struck out in the WeChat circle of friends, ordinary users see the full screen of bad advertising will feel uncomfortable, or after a small brush circle of friends, or directly to the major advertising shield.

so, WeChat propaganda circle of friends, how should I do it right? According to my observation, the following five ways is more effective.

, the first step by step, down

After you add

potential customers, friends is always there, as long as there is no shielding you, in the circle of friends to send information they can always see, so there is no need to hurry to let them know that you are right. The right way to share a bit of personal life, so that potential customers know you, trust, as for the product, occasionally mention it, the intention of customers will naturally buy. The intention is not enough, keep slowly, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking, a fat man". Remember this: haste makes waste.

second, share value

describes the product, not necessarily to say how good their products, customers should be able to buy, it is naked advertising. Can change another angle, in order to sell tea, for example, we can share tea culture >


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